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    exporting question which codec?


      I am having some trouble exporting..   previously I was on a PC and exporting SD projects

      Now as of two days ago I have a MAC and exporting HD projects..


      Soo on a MAC what is the best full quality codec to use for my finished projects???


      my footage coming in is either 50i  1920  x 1080


      and another project is or 30p 1920  x 1080


      If you need any other info let me know..

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          For a master copy I believe you want QuickTime Uncompressed or Uncompressed AVI, use the same settings for the projects (50i  1920  x 1080 or 30p 1920  x 1080) when exporting.  Exporting uncompressed will give you a massively large file, depending on how long the project is.


          For web, like youtube, export using H.264 codec (will save as .mp4 or QuickTime .mov, there should be presets for YouTube) and again maintain the resolution and frame rate.


          I've never used Premiere on a MAC, just Final Cut, but other people will probably have more detailed instructions.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What is your delivery scheme? That will have a major bearing on the CODEC and on the file format.


            Good luck,