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    5D MKII file conversion options.


      Anyone who has one knows its impossible to edit as raw files in premiere CS4... It's frustrating to me and millions of others that sit back and watch IMOVIE that comes free edit 5d MK II with no issues at all.. but premiere CS4 a more professional higher end product can't do it..


      I would think ADOBE would of found this problem out years ago and been so embarressed that they would have fixed it up immediately.


      So I ask what is the best way to convert my files from 5d MK II to something editable without spending money and having to do it one by one...


      I want a free batch conversion sollution... Is this an impossible ask??????


      Please HELP!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The links in this ARTICLE might prove very useful.


          Good luck,



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            crumpy06 Level 1

            Bill thanks for your response.. so there was a few articles on that link... one being the firmware update.. excuse my ignorance but does that mean the footage shot on my camera after the firmware upgrade on my 5D will edit without any issues????


            secondly.  i read some other stuff that recommended pro res codec etc..  I dont have those installed how do I get them?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I am sorry, but I cannot answer the firmware question. I am a Nikon-guy, but many friends and associates shoot the Canon 5D/7D cameras, and are just getting into video. We had one heavy 5D/7D users here, PaulieDC, but he's in the process of moving to AZ, and I've not seen him around for the last month.


              I hope that someone else can answer that question, but I just do not know.


              Good luck,



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                Tayedrummer Level 1

                Are you looking to edit the RAW still photos from the camera or the h.264 quicktimes?


                I can't speak on opening the RAW files as I've always use Photoshop for that but a popular workflow on for the video files is to transcode them to cineform before editing.  I'm holding out for CS5 that promises to allow realtime editing of the native h.264 quicktimes.

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                  Crumpy, I have 7D's and have the same issue. Bottom line is, you need to uncompress the files. I don't know a lot about the process but I'll just let you know you're not going to get a lot of help here. No offense to you forum people, just say'n it how it is.


                  I'm waiting for CS5 with the hopes that this issue will be taken care of. That is, I'm not looking for Premiere to playback smooth as much as I'm hoping for Adobe to have a easy way to convert my footage so I can edit in premiere.


                  I still say FAIL for premiere for not being able to handle it.