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    Keyframing Motion Help Please


      Ive been on this for three days now,

      I have a man in the centre of the screen with an animated walk faceing left,in the background i have a picture moving right,so it looks like the guy is walking in real time down a path.but his feet look like he's doing the moon walk slipping and sliding all over the place and for the life of me i cant get it to look realistic please any help at all.how do i match the ground movement with his feet

      Thanks in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What exactly is going on? How was the person shot? How is the floor inserted? Sounds like you did not make any preparations while shooting and now simply lack reference points/ patterns to determine exact speeds and also have no reference for matching the lens. I'm afraid in that case you will have to spend some more time trying to find the right rhythm manually and align your stuff by eye until it looks locked. Other than that you might consider reshooting everything with proper stuff in place.



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            paul87654321 Level 1

            the background is a panoramic jpeg starting from the right moving to the left,the person in the middle has expression controls attached to all his limbs so i can control the speed of his walk by keyframing his walk,i also conrol the speed of the jpeg background.ive tryed animating a camera from right to left,then tryed just keyframing the jpeg from right to left still get slipping from the footwork

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              bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

              Your project is a simulation and therefore, by definition, highly stylized. You've got to allow for some sophistication on the part of your audience. You can hook one of your expressions to the foot position to help slide the background in precise timing with your feet but this will make your spatial movement simulation as mechanical as the foot movements.


              You can add a foreground layer of grass and shrubberies to help obscure the movement. You could tilt your camera up and let the feet go off the bottom of the screen. You can keyframe every footfall's position to the background geometric position.