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    Site management with sub-domains

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      I apologize in advance for the poor exlanation of my delima. It concerns Site Management.


      On my web hosts server I have Site1 in the root and Site2-Site5 (sub-domain) in sub-folders.


      On my local PC I have Site1-Site5 in sub-folders under a folder named WebSites which is also my document folder under Apache. So in DreamWeaver my local files and testing server files are the same. Is this OK? I like this setup because it conserves disk space and makes it easier to syncronize with my laptop.


      This has worked out OK, including accessing MySQL databases on the remote server for Site2-Site5.


      But now that I want to connect to a remote DB on Site1 I have a problem. Because Site1 is in the hosts root, the Site Definitions Remote Info FTP Host directory is "/". If I define the Testing Server URL prefix: http://localhost/Site1/ (where the files are located locally) I get a warning message that they don't match and I can't connect to the DB (An unidentified error has occurred). What DW appears to want is the Testing Server URL prefix: http://localhost/.


      The reason I don't put Site2-Site5 under Site1 in the Apache documnts folder, is to keep them from appearing in DreamWeavers file list when I'm working on Site1.


      Any suggestions would be apreciated.