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    IE8 bombs attempting to open PDFs.


      I installed Reader in new Win 7 64 installation (all updates, etc.) on two computers.  I can't open PDFs from IE8 (haven't tried any other browsers or readers yet).  I think that Reader won't work until the EULA is agreed to and causes that browser tab to bomb out when clicking on a PDF URL, as on one computer it finally opened to the Adobe EULA, which I Agreed to, and PDFs worked thereafter, after the browser bombed out previously on all other PDFs.  I can't get any browser accessible PDF URL to open on the other computer (PDFs in e-mail, etc. open fine).  Have turned off pop-up blockers, uninstalled and reinstalled, run repair, update, etc., updated Acrobat also.  No other browsing issues.  Am about to kill Adobe Reader and try another instead.  Any ideas on how to fix this (besides installing Foxit or whatever)?

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          370H55V Level 4

          The EULA only needs to be agreed to once, and you DON'T have to do that from within IE.

          You can simply open Reader, accept it, and then use it in IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Netscape whenever or wherever you encounter PDFs that are designed to open in the browser.

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            XB777 Level 1

            Well I can open the Reader without being promted to agree to the EULA, so it must be agreed to already.  Plus I can open PDFs outside of those that are URLs, so it is only trying to open PDF URLs that the browser bombs.  It only occurred to me that it might be some sort of EULA IE8 concatenation due to the behavior of the other compter's browser PDF behavior sequence.

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              370H55V Level 4

              Since you're on 64 bit Windows, I'm assuming the IE is the X64 build too?

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                XB777 Level 1

                IE was installed as part of the OS installation, so I assume that it is 64-bit.  The OS installation was not an upgrade--it was "from scratch."

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                  XB777 Level 1

                  I have a work around.  In the Reader, under Edit, Preferences, Internet, uncheck display PDF in browser.  The result is that when I click on a PDF URL the PDF is downloaded and displayed by the Reader, rather than in a browser window.  So I can now look at PDF web pages, but just not as web pages.  I don't really consider the problem fixed however.  This solution is due to Amanda M here:

                  http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/InternetExplorer/thread/730af0e4-a10b-440 2-8953-7318046de0ac

                  I do not know if this is an Adobe issue or an IE8 issue.  On the other computer, same exact OS, etc., when opening PDF URLs in the browser, kept getting same Internet explorer has stopped working close program, then it cycles another page attempt, same result and gives up.  Until one time I got the Adobe EULA popup and clicked Agree.  After that the browser opens PDFs fine.  Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce whatever sequence allowed me to agree to that EULA.  Perhaps that was totally misleading coincidence, but that is all I have.