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    Any way to reduce four layers of navigation bars for search results?

    yenelli Level 1

      In my Web Help generated from RH8, RobHelp HTML project:


      The navigation toolbar (headers in the navigation pane) seem excessive (large, redundant) and this is probably exacerbated by the texture on the background jpg for the Nav pane header(s) (also used on the title bar).


      Is there a way to reduce the height of these? Is it possible to create slices that line up as a coherent picture for the multilevel headers in navigation pane (TOC).


      To feel my pain (to reproduce), click http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/RBME/3_6/Default.htm

      Click Search button (magnifying glass on papers).

      Enter a term (context, for example), then click Go.


      eeeew. Is the height of all those slices available for public use (in the skin)?


      Second issue:  notice the "globe" (with a question mark) icon for the UBmatrix Report Builder tab in your browser. Now right click any topic, select properties and copy the URL for a topic into a new browser window (or use http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/RBME/3_6/Mapping_Workflow.htm). Viola, the "custom" icon is used for the topic, but not if you enable the TOC. How come?