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    FIXED: How Can I Import .MP4 Video? Used to work...


      EDIT: Okay, figured it out!  Had to run Adobe updater, now I can import .mp4s from YouTube!  wooot.


      Hi, I was working on some mashups using videos I downloaded from YouTube (.mp4 format) in premiere and everything was going good, but had to reinstall my operating system for other reasons.  I re-installed Premiere Pro CS4 too but when I opened up the project I was previously working on, it said I could not re-link to the .mp4 files.  It said they were not supported and were different than the ones in the project - they are not.


      I noticed that I could no longer properly import .MP4s downloaded from YouTube, only the audio track is imported.


      I have had success converting the .mp4s to .movs using QuickTime pro, those .movs work, but if possible I'd like to do away with this step.


      Any help is appreciated.


      I remember back in the day using Premiere 5.0 in 2003 I could import any format I wanted to do mashups, ahh those were the good old days


      Thanks in advanced for any help