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    3D Tween Image Quality Issues


      Hi all,


      I'm using 3D tweens for  animations on my site.  Problem is, that at the end of the tween, the  image quality of the movieclip I'm tweening is pretty bad.  For example,  I have seom text in the movie clip that I'm tweening, and it's kind of  blurry.  I know 3D tweens live convert everything in the movieclip into a  bitmap, and I'm assuming that's what's causing the poor quality.  Is  there a way to convert the movieclip back to it's original state where  it looks crisp at the end of the tween?  Or bump up the quality of the  3D tween?



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          libengan Level 1

          Finally found the solution!


          Apparently, anytime you change the z axis of the movieClip, it is  transformed into a live bitmap to be animated.  This is why the moieClip  can look a little blurry.


          movieClip.transform.matrix3D = null;


          If you just  add the above code to the frame that the tween completes on (aka, it's  no longer moving), the 3D tween will release its grip on the movieClip,  undo the bitmap status, and effectively restore the clarity of the  movieClip without removing your desired tween.


          Thanks so much for the help!


          P.S. the  blur filter was not on.