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    .swf won't play when published, but will in DW


      I had posted this a few days ago, any help would be greatful, thanks so much.


      first off, I have looked just  about everywhere else to find this problem and no other solutions have  worked yet.


      here's  the problem

      I have 4 pages

      3 are made from templates and  one isn't

      on the template ones, I have a .swf and when I publish  it, it plays.

      on the non-template homepage, I have a .swf file and  when it is published, it doesn't load at all.


      I have tried many things.

      -  build a new .swf and place it in there

      - rebuild the homepage

      -  make the homepage into a template and then put the flash in

      - and  probably some other things


      the file name is correct, the source name is  correct ( /folder_name/file_name.fla)

      it is correctly in  dreamweaver and when I preview everything works.


      any help  would be greatly appreciated...I really don't want to start over from  the beginning just to see if it works.




      thanks so much,