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    About the future of flash

    FlashLeaner Level 1

      Guys i take my foot towards flash but some people tell me that flash will die after the release of HTML5 and css3 and javascript  is that true?????

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          webqaflash Level 3

          I also heard about some new features in html5. Such as vedeoplayer, canvas to draw some thing like that.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            not likely judging from what html5 offers and the lack of browser support.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Resolving the specs for these new things has been and will continue to be slow going... nothing to worry about in the near term.


              For Flash to die it has to be replaced by something as useable as it.  Alot of folks that fight against Flash do so blindly, thinking it is only useful for making images appear and disappear on web pages.  Whenever someone describes what will replace Flash, a list of things have to be grouped together.  The combination of all the things needed to make that happen (and probably still come up short of Flash's potential) will challenge even the most talented of web designers... so even if the technologies combined can equate to a Flash solution in every design scenario, I doubt you'll find that many folks willing to figure out (aka: learn) all the pieces of that puzzle.  There'll be a new wave of downloadable plug-ins that no one can understand or modify... likely leading to the eventual creation of something that starts resembling Flash more and more each year.

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                Flash won't die and what you heard is 'idle talk' with no foundation.


                But since HTML5 will work with video directly and some PDAs have web without Flash then HTML5 will do some of the things you used to need Flash to do well. But it will not replace ALL of what Flash does.


                Don't forget Silverlight was also supposed to kill Flash.


                But a word to the wise (or semi-blind) folks at Adobe, put the fun back in Flash and make it work. It started as a designer tool that designers don't use anymore. Don't kid yourself....they have abandoned it quickly.....and developers who have moved in are causing memory leaks and buggy applications with it. It's hard to defend Flash right now as a tool.

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                  you can blame apple

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                    I Love Doing Websites Level 1

                    that's what it was in 2010, now 2011 we all know that flash is going for a slow motion to nowhere