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    Problems starting server from within CFBuilder


      I recently installed CFBuilder and setup a localhost server.  I did not check the box to Use Windows Service to start/stop in the server setting.   I currently have the CF Server set to manually startup in the Windows Services.  When I finished the setup, I see the server starting up in the CFBuilder console.  Everything seems to work fine until I restart my machine.  Once I restart my machine and run CFBuilder, I cannot start the server from the Servers panel.  A messages in the console comes back stating that the server is unresponsive.  I thought it was my java version, so I updated the java to the latest 6_19.  Still the problem exists.  I uninstalled CFBuilder and reinstalled it, and it works fine (CF Server starts up in the console) until again I restart my machine.


      I do have Windows Vista 32-bit.  I downgraded back to Java version 6_06.  I thought the problem was just my machine, but I have another Vista machine that is having the exact problem, and it has the same JAVA and Vista.


      I looked through the Coldfusion Logs to see if I can find any errors.  I have tried to find logs in CFBuilder, but I have not been able to locate any.


      Any Ideas?


      Thanks for your help!