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    Modeler Plugin v101 not loading in FB 4 premium / plugin version?

    dirk eismann Level 1

      I've got problems getting the new Modeling plugin v101 to work.


      I use Flash Builder 4 premium with a plugin installation in a new Eclipse 3.5 JEE edition on Windows Vista SP 2.


      I downloaded the new Adobe_Application_Modeling_plugin_v101_eclipse35.zip, extracted it and put its contents into the /dropins directory of the Eclipse installation that hosts FB4 (so the /plugins folder of the Modeler stuff resides inside another "Adobe_Modeler" folder inside the /dropins folder)


      After starting Eclipse, the plugin does not seem to be active. Neither the "Edit Active Data Model" button shows up in the Data/Services view of the Flash Builder 4 persepctive, nor do I see any new perspectives / views when opening the corresponding dialogs in Eclipse (Open perspective / Open View). Also, when opening the "About Eclipse... / Installtion Details / Plug-Ins" dialog there's no indication that the Modeler plugin was loaded...


      Any clues?