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    Product Interface Mockup Question

      I am trying to mock up an interface for a froduct that I am working on. (S) button. Quick Illustration The interface consists of various screens accessed through a main menu matrix, very similar to the menu on a cell phone. These button icons are navigated through the use of two directional buttons and one select . The sequence would be from 1 through 8 in seqential order. I have a version that works by going to the next and previous button. But how would I go about making the select button select the highlited button, and how would I get it to wrap from the fram containing 1 to 8 or vise versa 8 to 1?

      Any sugestions, places to look, or even just the general Idea of how to begin the scrip. I was looking for an If.Then type script similar to other languages but could not locate one.

      Also as I recently ugraded from FL5 to CS due to new comps, I am building in AS2, however if this can only be accomplised using AS3 I will rebuild.

      Thank you in advance,