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    Multiple upload gives error 2038 - GC?

    Joakim Lundberg

      I am using Flex builder (and also tried Flash builder 4) but  have now run into a huge problem with multiple file upload where I have come to a conclusion that it is probably the garbage collector that GC's the FileReference before they are used.


      Problem description
      I have a flash GUI where for example a list may be used for the user to select one or more files to upload to a server. The user may hit a browse button several times so the selected files are stored in Arrays of FileReference objects. After a time the user may hit a send button and all the FileReferences are uploaded but this fails in some cases. It seems after tests that the problem never occurs on Macintosh but it is occuring on Windows at least on FireFox (have read that this problem might be related to non-IE web browsers, this is not confirmed in my tests which have been concentrated to FF).
      To prevent the FileReference objects to be GC:d we are adding the FileReferences in arrays both in local classes but also in various other utility classes (purely to avoid that they are GC'd since this seem to be a problem according to others on Internet forums).
      The error that is thrown is #2038.


      This problem seem to be unsolved looking at Internet forums.


      Anyone have a good solution for this? Or is the problem programmer related?