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    PRE8 now works since update.

    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

      After Endless problem with PrE8 , not wanting to make dvd's, not loading saved projects etc ......... I had given up on PrE8 and went back to my other editing packages which worked. It astounds me that company put out products that should work but donnot work , they are bug riden and damn frustating to say the least.  After months of waiting I saw the update for PrE8 and thought maybe give it a shot again, Down loaded the Patch and display drive, installed the updates, It works, did some testing wrote out 2 dvd's saved , changed the same project resaved over the older one , reload and it works.


      So now I have a program that works for what it was bought for.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's always great to hear success stories, Gavin. But sorry to hear it was such a hard road to get here.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Yes, I'm glad to read of your success. It seems that PrE 8 was much more critical of the video driver, than even other versions were. NLE's, of all shapes and sizes, interface with the video (and audio) drivers, more than almost any other program. Some just do it to a greater degree. It also seems that there were some issues with nVidia drivers at about the same time as PrE was released. This rather set up for a "perfect storm." Remember that when PrE 8 was developed, Adobe was using video drivers, probably 12 versions back. By release, things had changed, plus nVidia, aways working to improve the "gaming experience," introduced some drivers with modules that just flat killed many Adobe programs.


            At least Adobe and nVidia were paired up in the CUDA and MPE projects for PrPro CS5, and were able to get things sorted out. In the meantime, many users got burned, and had every right to be mad, and frustrated. At least the fixes were forthcoming, and most users now report success.


            Thanks for the post, and happy editing,