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    Editing XSD file is dreadfully slow

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I'm currently editing an XSD file, and CFB is really struggling to keep up with my typing.  If - for example - I type this:


      <!-- this is an example of how bloody slow this thing is!! -->


      By the time I'm finished, CFB has only actually displayed it as far as:


      <!-- this is an example of how bloody


      And I can watch it insert the rest of the chars at a rate of about three every two seconds.


      The XSD file is only 130 lines long - 4.5kB - about 25% of which is whitespace or comments.


      Has anyone else noticed this?


      It's a stand-alone CFB install, on a Win7 Starter netbook.  I do not have similar problems with other (much larger) files.  Just this XSD file (it's the only XSD file I have to hand, so cannot test another one).


      I've found that I get a bit of a slow-down on large (1500+ lines) CFCs, but even then it's nothing as slow as this.



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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Note: it's even worse with a .htaccess file.  CFB will - "reliably" - freeze-up for up for around 30sec when I first open a .htaccess file, and will also "stutter" for a few seconds at a time fairly frequently when scrolling around in it, or making changes.


          If I change the file association to not use the CF perspective for .htaccess files, instead using the default editor, it seems to be OK.


          Note: this is not the case with XSD files... they're just slow even on the XML perspective.