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    Inserting Adobe XML signature page into Adobe PDF


      I have a Word 2007 document that is used to create project closeout reports. When completed and approved, the Word document is converted to an Adobe PDF.


      I also have an Adobe XML document that is a signature page. This file contains digital signature blocks for the appropriate personnel to provide a sign-off.


      The problem: After I convert the Word document to a PDF, I want to insert the Adobe XML signature page at the end of the new PDF. When I attempt to insert the signature page, I get an error.


      How do I insert the signature page at the end of the PDF document so that the signatures are valid?

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          SForrest96 Level 4

          I'm not 100% clear on your issue. 


          Are you trying to append a signed PDF document to another PDF document?  If so, this will break (invalidate the signatures) and this would be expected (and desired) behaviour.  Otherwise you could sign a document and append it to any other document to make it look like the signatures apply to a document that was never actually signed.


          If you are tyring to use Acrobat to append a PDF document (XML based) created with Adobe Designer, to another PDF document (created by converting a Word document to PDF), you can't do this either, as this is unsupported.  Acrobat generates a message informing you of this.  See attached graphic.