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    Removing Main Menu Screen



      I am attempting to create a disc menu that only has Scene Selection options. Therefore, I don't need the Main Menu screen. Is there a way of removing it? Alternatively, if there was a way of removing the "Play All" button on Main Menu and leaving only the "Scene Selection" button that would suffice.


      Thanks for any help in advance.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Because PrE is semi-automatic with its authoring, the options for navigation are limited. That is the trade-off for for that semi-automation.


          Now, I believe that there are some Menu Sets (PrE uses a Set of two), that have more Buttons in the Main Menu). Basically, what you want is a Main Menu with Buttons for all of your Scenes, and no additional Menus. Maybe I am thinking of some of the Menu Sets, available from Muvipix.


          Now, what you want to do is easy in full-featured authoring programs, like Sony DVD Architect (or Adobe Encore, but it's not sold separately from PrPro). There, one would just do a multi-Button Main Menu, and dispense with any traditional Scene Selection Menus.


          Good luck, and I hope that my memory is correct about those few Menu Sets, that could be setup to do what you want. I just do not use PrE for authoring, because of the limitations. I'll give up the ease of semi-automation, for complete control, and use Encore. However, just yesterday, an Encore user was complaining that they had to do all the work by hand, and that they missed the automation of Pinnacle Studio. I recommended that they also try PrE, which will do most of the work, at the sacrifice of control. To each their own.