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    Having problem with video compression


      I have search thru the web for the answer to this question but with no luck.


      I am simply trying to compress a video tutorial so the text on the video can be read therefore I need a good quality video. Frame dropping will not be a problem.


      The video is created in Premiere CS4 and compressed in Media Encoder. I can not get Media Encoder to do the simpliest things. Compression with AE seems to be much better.


      As a test, I wanted to export the largest possible file just to make sure I can get the quality. Once that is achieved I would then reduce the file size.

      These are the settings that I am trying to export.


      Video Codec:      H 2.64

      Quality:              100

      Width:                1440

      Height:               900

      Frame Rate:        15

      Field type:           Progressive

      Aspect Ratio:      Square

      Key Frame Distance:     1

      Set Bitrate:     144,00kps (maximum I could get)


      Surely this setting would be almost near to uncompressed and therefore sharp. However, I get a really blurry soft video. I checked the video but the bit rate is only 1.47Mbits/sec! I would rather it have a bit rate of 5Mbits/sec and have a sharper image.


      Any thoughts?