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    FUN FACT: Duplicating keyframes!

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      Disclaimer: I checked the help documentation and search around, but didn't come up with any references to the following, so if it's been noted elsewhere, please forgive my malfeasance...


      Short and sweet: I discovered, quite by accident, that you can quickly duplicate one or more keyframes in the Effects Control Panel by holding down the Alt key (on Windows; I'm guessing Mac would be Opt) and dragging a keyframe. If you lasso or otherwise select multiple keyframes, you can Alt-drag one of them, and you'll duplicate all of them.


      This is nothing groundbreaking, but is pretty handy, and I've not seen it mentioned elsewhere. It's a quick way to set up start-and-stop animations, or bouncing animations if you duplicate a group of keyframes.