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    Trust manager won't allow changes


      I am still having the same problem. I am running Adobe Reader 9.3.1 on Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and when I try to uncheck the box in trust manager that allows opening of non-pdf attachments, there is no way to change - the OK and cancel buttons don't appear. Those buttons do appear on my XP computer. I have uninstalled Adobe Reader and reinstalled but the ability to change this preference is still broken. I guess I will just disable Adobe Reader and use Foxit.

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          I am having the same problem. The "OK" box at the bottom of the Trust Manager/Preferences window is not visible because the window is too large vertically to fit on the wide-screen format of my laptop (1366 x 768 resolution) running Windows 7,  and I cannot drag the window up vertically or reduce its size to show the "OK" box. Adobe needs to make the Trust Manager/Preferences window smaller vertically to make it compatible with wide-screen format screens. How do I install Foxit?


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            By putting the pointer on the top bar of the Trust Manager/Preferences window, pressing the left mouse switch, and using the up arrow, I was able to move the window high enough to see the "OK" button at the bottom of the window, but was unable to click on it. The window is too high. There is probably a SET Window (xpixels,ypixles) statement in the Adobe Reader source code with ypixles too large. Can anyone fix this in the Adobe Reader source code? Thanks.


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