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    ehlpdhtm.js not generated with rhcl.exe, only RoboHTML.exe

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      During the efforts to solve a problem documented here:




      I removed ehlpdhtl.js as a baggage file from our projects. I had added it (years ago) to make sure it was included in the final output. We build our Help nightly with a script that makes use of the rhcl.exe command line feature. I've already filed an enhancement request that the rhcl.exe create ehlpdhmt.js if it doesn't exist. In the meantime, I'll have to have some code added to our build script to make sure it is copied into the projects.



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Ehlpdhtm.js should always be in the root of your project. It shouldn't be a baggage file. Also, RoboHelp will use the standard ehlpdhtm.js when you generate, so any changes will be lost.


          You can get the original file from %RH installation directory%RoboHTML






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            William and Marcus,


                 I think I can help here, because I just had the same issue Marcus proposed, and I did some testing. Robohelp 9 results:

            1. If ehlpdhtm.js file is NOT present in the root project directory, it will only drop in there WHEN you open the project, NOT when a build is initiated.
            2. Both the IDE compiler and RHCL.exe command line tool, when initiated, will indeed generate this file in the output location, ONLY IF it exists in the project directory to start. This is why the IDE compiler almost always includes the file in the output, because you have to open the project to kick off the IDE compiler. I tested this by opening IDE then deleting the file and hit compile and it did NOT include it. I also ran the RHCL.exe with the file present in the project directory and it DID include it in the output.


            This all being said, I have to agree with Marcus and that this is a bug for the RHCL.exe compiler. It should auto generate that file at the start of a new build in the project directory and then the output location when it completes.


            Why is it a bug? Impact: All DHTML controls that this file operates will not work in a compiled help file.


            Another suggestion, but off topic, please add an integer exit code for RHCL.exe that can be interpreted by scripts and other applications. Thank you!