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    Audio sync problem after saving to QuickTime file


      Hi there, I'm relatively new to Adobe Premiere - I'm not quite knowledgeable enough about video editing to really use it to its full potential but needed something more flexible than Windows Movie Maker.  I haven't had any problems before editing smaller files, but am having tons of trouble with a 2.7 gig file.


      I'm trying to take a 2.7GB .MOV file recorded on a Kodak Zi6 and divide it into three roughly equal parts to use an email sharing service that has a maximum file size of 1GB (I know that there are sites that will allow 3GB files and I wish I could use them, or use an FTP server, but the person who needs the video needs it to be sent over his own company's file sharing system).  It was recorded on an 8GB SD card, that SD card was put into my computer, and I then transfered it over to Premiere Elements 8.


      I rendered the entire file first (it wouldn't even play until I did that) and after rendering, the audio and video were good and everything was synced up.  I then split the clip into three and saved each as a separate project.  Then I opened one up again and tried to save as a Quicktime file (that's what the person I'm sending it to requested).  All seemed to go well, and for the first minute or so of the 15 minute clip everything is great.  Then after that, the audio gets more and more out of sync as the video plays on.  I tried playing it on several different players, same thing.


      My computer (a Cyberpower PC) is running an Intel Core i7 CPU, 870 @ 2.93GHz 3.06 GHz; 8 GB of RAM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285; Windows 7 Home Premium.  I'm not sure where to get the rest of the information requested in the "How to best ask for help" post but if you can give me some guidance I'll find it.


      The presets are on the defaults because I wasn't aware of them until I came to this forum.  Happy to try the whole process again if someone can tell me what the presets should be changed to.


      I'm looking for a solution to this particular problem, but am also looking for some basic help about files.  The files that I used most often usually come from a Kodak Zi6 (.MOV) or a Flip Mino HD (MPEG4 I think; had to convert those to something else to use them in Premiere at all).  I have AVS Video Converter 6, so I can convert those files to pretty much anything.  I'm wondering what I should convert files to before trying to edit them in Premiere, and how best to save them.  I rarely use the files anywhere but online if that helps (this particular 2.7GB file being a big exception) at a maximum width of 550 pixels, so I don't think I need the quality to be all that great; it's more important to me to be able to work a bit quicker, without rendering that takes hours.


      I'd also love to take advantage someday of some of the more advanced features of Premiere, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials that will walk me through things in a linear way (as in, start from the beginning and teach me what I need to learn before moving on to something more complicated).


      Thanks so much for your help, and please speak slowly; I'm in over my head!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Very well-done post, and welcome to the forum.


          First, many have issues with OOS (Out Of Sync) with QT files on Export/Share. This is not just with PrE, but PrPro also. Unfortunately, OOS is pretty easy to fix, when you encounter it on the Timeline, but almost impossible to fix when it creeps in during Export. As an aside, I fought some MPEG Audio from a client, that was perfect in the Timeline, but when Exported to MPEG-2 for DVD-Video, ALWAYS went OOS dynamically, and even adjusting for that on the Timeline (rather guessing how much OOS the other direction I needed,) just flat would not do it. Sync would be fine for awhile, and then suddenly start going out, before miraculously returning to sync with the next Clip. Never could get that one correct.


          In your MOV Export/Share, I am not certain which CODEC you chose. Was it H.264?


          Within the MOV "wrapper," did your recipient give you any options for the enclosed CODEC's, or is the wrapper and the file size the determining factors?


          Wish that I had more to offer directly, rather than questions.


          As for the tutorials, I strongly recommend Steve Grisetti's Learning Series, his Boot Camp and his many articles and general PrE tutorials on Muvipix. He also has several books, available there too.


          Good luck,



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            SelfishMom Level 1

            Hi Hunt, thanks so much for trying to answer my rambling questions!  Your experiences actually make me feel a little better - I thought perhaps I had wasted all that rendering time when there was something simple and stupid I should have known to do.


            The person who had me take the video on the Zi6 also asked me to split it using QuickTime.  Since you can only edit using Quicktime Pro, and I already have Premiere, I figured I would just do it and then save it as a Quicktime file - I assumed he didn't care about specifics, just the type of file and preserving the quality, since he asked me to split it rather than just reduce the size.


            In your MOV Export/Share, I am not certain which CODEC you chose. Was it H.264?


            I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that.  I chose Quicktime over LAN, 540x480.


            Thanks for the tutorial rec!  Checking it out now.