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    How can I find my TOC pod that is open somewhere?


      In RoboHelp HTML 7, I had a TOC pod open, but somehow it disappeared. I must have done some strange key stroke sequence or a weird click and drag by accident. I cannot find it anywhere. I have looked behind all the open pods, closed all pods, looked to see if it became a tab or a disappearing tab, etc. I am using two monitors and can't find it on either monitor. I know it's open somewhere because when I go to the Project Manager pod and double-click on that specific TOC, something in the RoboHelp window kind of flashes, which to me indicates it's already open somewhere. I have two TOCs. The other TOC is open and visible. I tried deleting my CPD file and reopening the project, but still have the problem. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find and access my missing TOC?


      UPDATE: I ended up recreating my inaccessible TOC, which presents another possible issue. (I'd still like to know how I could have found my inaccessible TOC.) The issue with the new TOC: I created another TOC in RoboHelp Project Manager with the same name as the one I couldn't access. Therefore, I had two TOCs in RoboHelp Project Manager with the same name in the TOC pod: "HEN (Default)" and "HEN (Default)" in addition to the other TOC I had called "HEN Quick Start."


      I notice that when I make an update to one HEN (Default), the change appears in the other HEN (Default). Therefore, each of these HEN (Default) TOCs must be pointing to the same file, which is "HEN.hhc."


      I'm afraid to delete one of them in my RoboHelp Project Manager pod fearing that deleting one will delete the HEN.hhc file. Does anyone see any issues with having two HEN (Default) TOCs in RoboHelp Project Manager?