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    HELP!  Site not recognized...

    KASTDC Level 1

      I recently transfered one of my websites to a different external hard drive from the one it was on (it has since been deleatd from the old drive.  I have the .ste file but now when I open DW and try to load the site, there is no content.  All my files are there but the icon's for them now look like an html list rather than a DW icon - like it's not "authenticated" or something.  It seems like this should be an easy fix and I hope it is...


      Can anyone guide me on this?  Please...



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          370H55V Level 4

          The icons are not an issue. All of mine have Firefox icons


          but open in DW. I open them from DW just fine, but to open them in DW from the folder I DO have to right click and select DW to open with. Still not an issue.


          The .ste file was likely made when everything was still on the first drive, and it tells DW to look for the root folder there. It's probably useless at this point.


          If you go to Sites and Manage Sites. You can edit the location of the root folder to the new drive and your files should show in the DW library.


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            KASTDC Level 1

            I knew it had to be easy.


            THANK YOU!