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    is it possible to make flash detect the location of the mouse and....

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      I'm looking for a script in AS2 that can detect the location of the mouse and when you leave the zone it trigger an action. This script need to detect the location of the mouse without interference of any other object inside the zone ( that include button ) and without "blocking" those object because of the invisible zone that could be on top of it.


      I know the trick about the invisible button where you detect the mouseover with it, when you place it under all your stuff ( so that your mouse can navigate in peace ).


      The main probleme will be that tee flash will be smaller than the viewscreen so it need to detect imediatly and at any speed the mouse leaving it's location. So the button trick is a no-go because too slow. Also because the website will need to auto-adapt to your viewscreen.


      I need to be able to set the X and Y position of the mouse and i don't know.. does it require to put in the script the boundary location of the zone itself ? left top bottom right side ?


      Right now i have a flash of 2000 px large and it is centering itself perfectly, But however, i get a horizontal scrolling bar that i want to get rid off. I am exploring all possible solution.


      Dreamweaver forum link : http://forums.adobe.com/thread/613249?tstart=0 about my probleme with more detail. I am considering resizing the flash ( and having to move everything inside it for that... ) down from 2000 to 950px large, So when the user leave the zone inside the flash in a quick move the script need to detect before it leave the flash zone. I know that AS3 so it, but i have no time nor ressource to translate to AS3 the whole flash.


      Thanks !