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    Is Ciniform still the way to go for editing HD on Premiere CS4?

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      I may have a opportunity to edit an inde film shot in on P2 HD 1080p.  However, i have a few questions....


      0. can Premiere CS4 read and edit MXF files?


      1. I'm not sure if my Premiere CS4 system will handle it natively without using an intermediate  codec like Ciniform. The files have already been transfered to an external drive which i will then transfer to my systems' video drive. The following is my current system configuration:


      . Premiere CS4

      . Windows 7 x64

      . 12gb of DDR3 ram

      . Intel 920 quad core processor

      . 1tb (2x500gb) video drive

      . 1tb (2x500gb) storage drive.


      2. The client is not sure the frame rate the video was shot in, either 24p or 59p. Is there a way to determine the correct frame rate so i can select the proper preset in premiere? I may be able to use VLC to view the codec information.