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    Flash Builder 4 and site with Windows Authentication

    Stormgully Level 1

      Ok, I'm having an issue with flash builder 4 and site with Windows Authencation enabled on it.


      The issue is when I use the "run index" button from flash builder 4 the project loads but when I fire off the HTTPService to collect some Active Directory information I get prompted to enter network credentials, for my local machine, even though I am building to a web server... if I create a release build of the same project, change NO code, and navigate to the URL it runs fine.


      Below is a captivate demo where I created a sample project to reproduce my issue.




      Now I could do this Flex 3 without any issues at all. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere in flash builder 4. I've combed through them and can't seem to find the cause.