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    Apple bans CS5 flash->iphone compiler!

    AHernandezIP Level 3

      Looks real bad for CS5:



      What do you guys think? Anyone from Adobe care to comment?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd say it looks really bad for Apple... not too smart.

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            MakaiMedia Level 1

            I have read various interpetations of this today, and so far I can't figure out if this is accurate.  But yes, I think Adobe should address the issue if possible, even if it's just to tell us that blog post is way off.

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              carl schooff Level 3

              this is going to cause some trouble.


              The april 12 "cs5 launch event" just got shortened by atleast an hour



              apple is a jerk.

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                If it’s true what’s being said about the change in the iPhone SDK license, Apple has finally stepped over the line. Their actions against Flash and, generally speaking, all developers have gone from tolerable arrogance to unfair and monopolistic. I expect justice to be served and Apple to be stopped from continuing with these practices that are unfair to all developers.


                Meanwhile, I only see fit to do what any good willed man can do against a corporation that acts without care for moral boundaries: BOYCOTT APPLE. And doing the worst that can be done to them: telling the facts about the state of Apple technology compared to their competitors.


                They lost the edge, and it’s been quite a while since they lost it, and it’s not because their competitors got better, it’s because they stopped caring about improving the technology. They only care about maximizing their profit, and the result is that their products are no longer state of the art but a mediocre, average product. The iPad mockery is proof of that.


                Screw the iPhone. Every other smartphone will have Flash 10.1. Why develop for a mediocre device where the manufacturer doesn’t show any good will towards the developers?

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                  I'm a huge Apple fan, however, I believe they are asking for an anti-trust investigation in banning the use of Adobe's Flash-IPA converter tool and related development technologies. The isn't just spitting in the face of Adobe but all of the developers out there who don't have time in their busy work schedules to master Objective C just for one platform - there is nothing wrong with such code translators. My company (like many) has been building an iPhone/iPad app for months now in Flash for exportation with the Flash-to-ipa converter tool and, all of sudden, Apple renders it void out of spite towards Adobe. This would be like the US government banning the use of foreign language and interpreters in the US and only allowing citizens who speak native-level English to remain in the nation. Can you imagine the backlash? If a tech giant like Microsoft tried this on their platform, the courts would be all over this. Apple is taking it's ego too far in this decision and, for the first time, I hope someone steps in and slams them in court over their App Store approval practices (Adobe Converter Bans, Google Voice delay, Opera Mini delay, Web Albums HD pinch functionality, and many more). I don't understand how Apple has avoided litigation thus far.

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                    mari8899 Level 1

                    Apple sucks, apple what are you doing ? Steve Jobs can sometimes be too harsh.

                    I would love to see some powerful agency/organization puts Apple in his place when it comes to this stuff. They can't do this just like that, there must be some rules.

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                      i am flash developer who waited 6 month with a couple of project in the work

                      What can I do?
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                        DJ Gecko Level 1

                        I can only offer more links.  This is an evil move by Apple (I'm writing this on my Mac Pro so I'm no Apple hater).











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                          Missteach Level 1

                          I suspect Monday's announcement of CS5 release date has now been rewritten with an extra month added onto it !!!!  Looking like June 2010 is my prediction.


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                            This has completely killed my business.  I'm a game developer.  I employ around a half dozen people making games for the web, xbox 360, pc, and mac.  We use Java,C#,and Flash as our platforms.  Apples decision to kill CS5's native compiler for the iPhone and iPad has pretty much left my company in the dirt.  We were planning on releasing a bunch of games that were originally Flash games for the iPhone and eventually iPad.  Now that can't happen.


                            As an owner of an original iPhone and having just purchased 10 iPad's for the company, I'm returning them, getting my money back and will never again develop ANYTHING for anything Apple.  Apple, you have just lost a development house to Andriod.  Thanks....

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                              mari8899 Level 1

                              Where did you see new date? on homepage it still says 3days...

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                                Cat Luck

                                This is a repulsive use of market dominance to put a rival out of business.  For once, I'm on adobe's side here.


                                It's none of apple's business how I generate source code.  Aside from banning cross compiling, this licensing prevents me from developing my own shared framework I use between multiple iPhone apps.


                                We need to make a code obfuscater.

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                                  Andrei1 Level 6

                                  Yeah... It is pretty bad. But not unexpected. I was, actually, surprised when I first read about CS5 iPhone app compiler that Apple allowed that given their militant position.


                                  I read in  an article/blog on CNET how an author suggested that Adobe should stop  writing creative suit for Apple OS. That could be an interesting move.


                                  In  a long run I don't think this war will sustain for long. Money will  dictate the outcome. Apple cockiness may lead to what happened to them  in 80/ beginning of 90th - just eventual drop in market share.


                                  I  don't think Apple is as strong as they perceive/present themselves.  Chances are they have already hit the ceiling. Just three little  details:


                                  1. They bowed to Intel processor.


                                  2. In my opinion (and I know I am not the only one) iPad is a pretty useless cute piece of hardware, worse than their MacBook Air. I don't see how it will get a fraction close to iPhone success.


                                  3. iPhone share is dropping. I just hope Droid will continue improving. So far, as an owner of Droid phone, I think it has greater potential than iPhone. And, by the way, Apple's lawsuit against Droid's touch screen capabilities did not go anywhere.


                                  In any case this,most probably fueled by personality clashes, browl hurts by brother developers and feels totally unjustified.


                                  And I hope Adobe and other companies (and  hopefully European Union) will find resources to join forces to crack  this el duce Jobs fascist regime with anti-trust lawsuit. It worked with  MS. Why not Apple?

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                                    jonih99 Level 1

                                    i have a question, can i bulid an app for Android with flash cs5 ?


                                    that move by apple was to harsh for me..

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                                      Missteach Level 1

                                      Monday isn't the release date.  It's just an announcement of what's in CS5 and the ACTUAL date they are available.  Most people were predicting actual release date as May.  I suggest it will be June.  It's only a guess.

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                                        Andrei1 Level 6

                                        I know I am asking for trouble but we are a creative community and the only way we can fight is by expressing ourselves visually.


                                        Enjoy until it is removed by moderator. If anyone wants to put it onto Job's sleeve, please feel free.



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                                          ElHombreGris Level 1

                                          I don't think Adobe would ever consider stopping delivering the CS for Apple systems, that would only hurt developers who work on Apple systems.


                                          It's already a blow for Apple a fact that it's still not too well known: since they started adding hardware acceleration, some of the apps in CS are actually working faster and better on Windows systems... or at least that's my impression. Microsoft systems have better abstraction layers for the hardware accelerated graphics, that's actually one of the reasons why windows have been the preferred platform for PC gaming. It's not far-fetched to think that the Adobe CS has received a qualitative improvement in Windows systems when the hardware acceleration was implemented. It's still not a significant difference to make the switch but... let's wait and see what happens with CS5.


                                          Anyway, it's kind of odd how the roles have been switched... two years ago people were trying to evangelize me to do the switch to Mac, now I'm trying to evangelize Mac users to do the switch to Windows... because I now believe that Microsoft has changed for the better, or at least they have shown that they want to do better. I just wished they stopped being so lenient about IE6 and killed it once and for all... if they do that I'll forgive them for windows Me.

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                                            ElHombreGris Level 1

                                            You don't need Flash CS5 to build apps for a phone with the android O.S., any Flash IDE will do, Flex will also do, any other tool that outputs an swf will do. If you are a proud owner of a nexus you should be able to browse the web in its full glory, watch the guys at bytearray.org and become, like me, full of envy: http://www.bytearray.org/?p=1470

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                                              FlashLeaner Level 1

                                              Apple must know that ....................there are huge number of developer and designer who uses flash for interactive multimedia presentation . And there is billions of vistors which loves flash every wehere. Apple must keep in mind that they are not only the company which produces electronic equiptment for phone or computer.

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                                                jonih99 Level 1

                                                i have a flash fla. file with AC3 project and i can export it as swf or a ipa file


                                                but can i export it as a android app file ?

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                                                  ElHombreGris Level 1

                                                  Sorry I misunderstood you.


                                                  The Flash Player is available to the web browser part of the O.S. I don't know it's availability in the android API. An android application is a basically a Java desktop app where different interfaces are available to interact with the O.S., the phone and other apps, but I don't seem to recall that there is a way to embed a swf or an html container inside the app ui, at least not yet.

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                                                    ElHombreGris Level 1

                                                    Update on your question.


                                                    I was curious and I think I found a plausible solution. There is a part of the Android API that allows to have a container that acts as web browser, the object android.webkit.WebView


                                                    Search the web for uses of that class. You could make a simple Android app that only creates the UI with the WebView as its only component and load in it an html file with a swf that is provided in the app as resources and assets. In other words, your app is simply a placeholder for your html that contains the swf.


                                                    From that you could even devise ways to interface with the O.S. from flash, using the all so well known ExternalInterface to call javascript and catch javascript calls in the Java app...



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                                                      jonih99 Level 1

                                                      ok thanks i think i understand you

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                                                        I'm not even a Flash developer (though I do develop games using Unity) and I just had to come here to see what folks were saying about this.


                                                        There's some concern about the Unity platform as well but since I've never planned on releasing any games on the Apple platforms, this doesn't apply to me. (Now if Microsoft pulled something like this for the XBox platform then I'd have something to be concerned about since eventually besides the desktop I'd like to target that platform as well...)



                                                        What I had to say about this is it's funny how Apple waited until AFTER the release of the iPad; waiting for all those involved or dreaming about authoring games on that device to run out and BUY THEM - including prospective Flash CS5 developers, to then yank the option out from under after all the cha-chings were registered into their accounts!


                                                        Funny the timing there, I must say...



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                                                          HEAD Productions Level 1

                                                          I HOPE Adobe starts caring more about Photoshop/Bridge. How many pro photographers bought Photo Machanic because Bridge is so slow! My version of Photoshop CS4 crashed more times than v3 to CS3 combined! This reminds me of when QuarkXpress around v3 or v4 wanted to incorporate web design in Quark and neglected the core of their clients by not implementing things like tables etc.

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                                                            My company is officially boycotting Apple. We are returning all iPads and getting rid of our iPhones. I will personally never buy Apple crap again. To me this is a crime what they are doing to developers. I can not stand idly by and let them get away with it. I was looking for a topic for a new blog and now I've got it. "Go Screw yourself Apple!!"

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                                                              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                              there's an FU Apple thread in the as3 forum that's a bit more unrestrained.

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                                                                Andrei1 Level 6


                                                                Breaking News


                                                                SERPENTINO, CA


                                                                CEO of Pear Shteeve Works, manufacturer of iFoon, iDiaper, and all other i things, issued a directive to change company name to iFourthReich.


                                                                In addition, internal Operating Manual will be made public under the title iMeinKemphy. After consulting with US Patent Agency, Pear/iFourthReich will adapt Nazi Germany insignia because original owners don't object, it is not used and did nothing but collected dust. Nevertheless, some survivors in Argentina will be paid compensation.


                                                                When asked if this indicates any shift in design of "i" line products, spooks person for Pear said that he/she did not have any comment but had a strong word.


                                                                It is expected that iMeinKemphy will replace US Constitution in the first quarter of 2011, start serving as European Constitution in 2012. If Mayas are wrong about the end of the world, it will be the only thing to read worldwide in 2013.


                                                                In his speech at MucousWorld Mr. Works ordered all Flash developers and Adobe employees to wear a rotten yellow orange image on their heart areas and foreheads. When asked "why not star, since it already had a history of working pretty well", spooks person replied that they reserved star for later use when Mr. Works genealogy tree is finished by Utah's "Grow my own tree" agency. Agency declined to comment because of Sunday cattle fair. Number of spikes in the star will be decided later this week.


                                                                Similar measures will be enforced for Microsoft's employees as soon as Tacoma airport is taken. Microsoft's representative giggled and pointed out with middle finger that they expect NASDAQ to succumb first but evacuation plans are already in place. Fresh West Coast oysters will be provided at no charge. Tabasco sauce and lemons are extra.


                                                                Several fashion design houses began capitalizing on this opportunity. Vogue is planning a special issue "Rotten orange haute couture."


                                                                Pear's staff and janitors will be moved to another state. Pear is unusually tight-lipped about future location. Mr. Works' assistant was spotted in line for a pint of beer in a local pub near Serpentino’s campus. She was asked if she knew anything. The woman said that she was not allowed to talk before taking two sips. After ten sips, the only information she could provide was that the location is a little town, which name starts with W, between Maryland and Virginia on the river starting with P. After Reuters correspondent allowed her to puff his ganja, she disclosed that the main reason for the move is that this mysterious W-town has a spacious multi-bedroom hacienda painted in white – Mr. Works' favorite color.


                                                                Meanwhile, North Korea's news agency KCNA reported that Kim Il-sung met Pear's announcement with deep crotch touching satisfaction. Since Mr. Kim's blood alcohol level at the time he watched Mr. Works' speech was only 1.75, this development is considered as a significant shift.


                                                                In a separate statement, Pyongyang announced that Pear and North Korea have natural affinity that led to a strategic alliance. Executive exchange program with Pear will start on June  20, 2010. Mr. Kim will serve as CEO of Pear while Mr. Works as Our Dear Leader in North Korea. iFourthReich's spooks person stated that this program is modeled after successful training of Mr. Hitler's employees accomplished in Gulag in 1932-1938 that organically evolved into the concept of final solution. According to the best practices in Object Oriented Programming, most notably modularity and encapsulation, North Korean's packages of concentration camps will be reused and, in some cases, re-factored and re-instantiated.


                                                                As a gesture of good will, in the advertising campaign "Get a Pear", PC character will be played by the same actor. Pear character will be replaced with an actress Mr. Kim recently snatched from Bangladesh. Madison Avenue suggested renaming campaign to "Shoot a citrus."


                                                                When asked whether they will start shooting first and then turn on gas or visa versa, Pear's rep said that when Google's server farm in Colorado is occupied, they first jam all the desk tops that have Flash installed with subsequent iFooning and iDiapering of hardware. As for the shooting, representative stated that because of logistics, plans are delayed until after the fall, 2010 Paris Fashion week when the best oranges will be revealed. "Although it is not in Mr. Works' character to let catwalk define the strategy, we want to make sure we spent less bullets per orange. Our investors always appreciated frugal tactics," added he.


                                                                Experts think that organizing guerilla resistance will be difficult because of Amazon area deforestation.


                                                                Strangely enough markets did not react. Maybe because it is Saturday?

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                                                                  martincou Level 3



                                                                  I would personally suggest Adobe to take out all Adobe products (CS, standalone, etc...) on Apple Store's shelves.


                                                                  It is simple and easy doable for Adobe ! What do you think ?

                                                                  • 30. Re: Apple bans CS5 flash->iphone compiler!

                                                                    I represent a game development studio, and this announcement kills a good portion of our future deployment plans.


                                                                    Everyone who hasn't already needs to sign this petition to have the FCC hold apple accountable according to current

                                                                    US anti-trust laws.



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                                                                      Mir D

                                                                      This one really gonna backfire Apple. Just in time before Adobe launch CS5. Adobe Flash one of the best tools that can produce apps on any platform. Apple is too greedy.

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                                                                        Peter 1957

                                                                        Maybe in protest Adobe could remove all support for the Mac keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy and Paste  - and then properly support all flavours of the same for Windows users.


                                                                        Tongue placed firmly in cheek, see the thread at http://forums.adobe.com/message/2709157#2709157

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                                                                          boletusEdulis Level 1

                                                                          Apple will never allow Flash animations because it will kill the "App Store."


                                                                          Just about any iPhone "App" can be coded in Flash. Why would anyone pay for an "App" if they could get the same functionality--probably at a cheaper price, and even free in some cases--through a Flash animation in a browser? It would only invite massive competition into a market on which they have a monopoly. That just doesn't make business sense.


                                                                          The only way that I can see this happening is if the government strong-arms Apple into it, just as they forced Microsoft to stop foisting IE on their customers, and allow the end user to choose their browser:


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                                                                            fermp Level 1

                                                                            It would be awesome. Imagine Apple takes on Adobe. Adobe takes away there products from MACS. What is left for an Apple computer after that? GarageBand and Final Cut Pro?


                                                                            Amazing that they hurt the people that have supported them through all these years. The creative people that use their products are the only ones getting screwed. I just can't understand this move. I am now not going to become an Apple developer (-$99), not going to buy an iPad (-$599+) and not going to get an iPhone. Way to go Apple. F you too.