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    CSS pay layout problem with CS3

    Tom Lyon Level 1

      I recently updated to OS 10.6.3 on my iMac i5. I use Dreamweaver CS3 and today tried creating a page layout from the templates provided with a new CSS layout. Dreamweaver creates the CSS and .html page layout fine, but when I go to save the .html that was created, Dreamweaver quits and I get an error message "The application Dreamweaver has unexpectedly quit". Why am I not able to save the .html file created from the CSS layout? I did not have this problem prior to the recent OS update, so I wondering if that might have something to do with it.


      I also ran Disk Utility and repaired permission, but the problem persists. Thanks for your help.

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          mhollis55 Level 4

          I'm not sure that Dreamweaver CS3 works with Snow Leopard. I'm presently using it with Leopard on my Mac Pro and it works just fine. The only consistent crashing I have is when I use Fast User switching and Dreamweaver is the active application I am switching away from and back to.


          I realize this explanation does not solve your issue but if you can put together a Leopard installation and it runs fine under that, It might allow you to get by until Adobe releases CS5.