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    Macromedia (flash 8) Shockwave movie won't play



      I bought Macromedia Flash because I took course in Flash about 8 years ago.  So,when I was asked by my company's CEO to take a presentation and turn it into a "flash movie" I said, "sure I can do that". Well, I did do it, and it plays fine on the workstation that I created it on with "Macromedia Flash Player 8.  However, no one else can get it to play except by opening it with a browser, which is not really ideal for our proposed usage.  Is there some sort of desktop player still available that would allow someone (like a sales guy) to just double click on an icon and play this movie?  Or is there some sort of way that i can update the movie so there is a desktop player to launch it?  I  am semi desperate.


      Thanks in advance

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          Rothrock Level 5

          It has been a long time since I had Flash 8, so some of the terms may have changed. You can go to the file menu and select Publish settings.


          From there you can select what types of files are created when you publish your file. If you aren't going to use the swf you can turn that off and if you select one of the Projectors (I'm guessing you are on a PC) you can select that.


          A projector is a bundle of the Flash player and the content you create. It doesn't bundle other outside assets so if you have external audio or video files they can still be played by the projector, but you will need to keep those files in the same folder structure relative to the projector.


          You also won't be able to access the internet from within the projector. So if you have links to your company site they won't go through.

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            tedbrooks Level 1

            Thanks-that is exactly what I didn't remember