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    trying to test connection ...


      We are trying to test the connecton with managing the site.  We were told we need to maybe change some of the settings with our system preferences.  So far we can't figure out what we need to change.  We are using Dreamweaver CS4 and Mac OS X version 10.6.3.   We had someone try to connect to the website from  a diferent computer and he was able to but wasn't using a mac.  Any suggestions would be welcome. thank you

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          370H55V Level 4

          Windows or Mac won't matter. The protocols to access the FTP server are the same. Unless the Firewall is active on the Mac it should be able to connect without any changes to anything.


          You mention that another party was able to connect on a PC. Does that person have the site in DW on that system?


          If so have them go to site management and export a .ste file, then e-mail it to you. Use Dreamweaver to import that .ste file and it will set the Mac with the same settings as the PC that was able to connect.

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            k.vanwyk Level 1

            I was wrong. The person was also using mac.


            The firewall is off on my computer.