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    Which file do I work from with ready made template zip files?


      I'm determined to figure this out.  I hope you can save me some time.  I'm new to website building and have built websites from scratch.  Now I've been given asked to make a website for my employer using a zip file of a company template.  When I extract it I get 2 folders HTML templates and Templates.  If I click HTML Templates > it opens 3 folders HTML, IMAGES and INCLUDES.  I have been given instructions that the templates provide me with the CSS, HTML and code I need to make standard pages.  The zip file is to contain all thecode plus a number of ready pages complete with content containers already laid out and all I have to do is enter dummy content of my own.  Sounds easy but making my own seems a lot easier!  Where do I start.  Just need a few tips and off I'll go I'm sure.  Hoping you can help me otherwise I'll ask for help internally tomorrow.  Thanks.