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    XFL symbol problem


      Hi, i export an animation from AE to flash using XFL format, the animation is very simple, I animate the head of a character talking and moving through the scene.

      What i did is the following, first i track the movement and rotation of the character`s head using the tracking from AE, so i ended with a bunch of keyframes (one in each frame).

      Then, in other layer i only animate the mouth moving upward and downward simulating the mouth talking then i exported the layers with their respective keyframes and I was hoping to nest the MouthMoving MovieClip into the HeadMoving MovieClip, but i cant.

      When i select the mouth graphic I`m able to see the motion keyframes but i cant select the motion keyframes and the mouth graphic and merge them into a movie clip that i can nest it later into the other movie clip.


      I hope that this had make sense, please !!!! if any one knows why is happening this or if theres a way around it, please let me know this is the only thing that`s left so i can finish and i cant figure out what is going on.




      Eliezer Garza