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    Audio Tempo is Wrong and Slow in RAM Preview

    kdb10000 Level 1

      I am trying to get After Effects and audio to play nice, but I am having problems. I exported 2 minutes of audio from GarageBand (no compression) and brought it into AF. I have a new composition (set at 29.97) and my Preview panel is also set to 29.97.


      The problem is that my RAM preview sounds wrong. Not only does it seem a hair slow, it also sounds like the tone is lower throughout the piece (one may cause the other). When I render a movie, the audio sounds fine. Any thoughts?


      I have an iMac i7 with 8GB RAM and I have set my buffer size to 4096 in the AF preferences pane for Audio Hardware (is there any reason not to crank this all the way up?). I am running Mac OS 10.6.3.