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    Web Site Via Apple Instead of Windows

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      My web site is up and functioning well, overall.  The address is,





      I thank you for supporting me in getting this far.


      It seems that those who are using Windows and Internet Explorer are having not problems.  One friend has an Apple and the photo display is not correct.


      When viewing the photos, one can scroll to the bottom of the page.  This should display the full vertical column of thumbnails and the large view of the selected photo.  However, on her (about 2 year old) Apple, the large view is located below the thumbnail column.


      I've checked the width of the various div's but don't see a conflict.  In fact, I think there should be a gap between the thubmnail and selected photo div's.


      Would someone be so kind as to tell me why the div is shifted and what to do about it?


      I thank you.



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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The first lesson that you have learned the hard way is don't test in IE first.  Test in Firefox first.  All other browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) all display the error your Mac friend is seeing.


          The problem appears to be that the width is not wide enough for the large image and text.  IF you look at your CSS document, the width of that content group is set to 900.  Your thumbnail column width is 190 and your padding is set to 50.  900-240 = 660px, then your width on the right is 650px, leaving you with 10px.  Then add in scroll bars and inherit margins of images and you are over your width.  If you increase the width of those areas or reduce the size of the images slightly you should be fine.

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            Moore6931 Level 1

            I thank you.


            I suspected this but wondered why the width in one browser would not be sufficient in others.


            For a quick and hopeful fix, I expanded the overall width by 50px.  In a day or two, I'll go back through and review all of the width and padding values for a correct fix.