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    Getting photos to stay

    nevitt99 Level 1

      I am trying to send a DW file as a zipfile. I'm testing it by sending it to myself and when I unzip the file the photos and the spry menus are gone. They are in the folder that I'm sending, but when I open the index the pictures are missing. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix it?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Check the paths to the images/files and make sure they are relative and don't look like:



          Macintosh HD:Username


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            nevitt99 Level 1

            This is what the path reads as /GSLAD-banner.jpg for the photo. What about the spry menu? How do I fix that?

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              Zabeth69 Level 5

              I have run into this before. Win-Zip suspects the javascript files of being mal-ware and refuses to pass them along. Spry Javascript files are easy to re-download from Spry Labs. The photos missing, I have no idea, unless they are not actually in the folder you are zipping to begin with.


              Why not upload the site to a server and let your recipient download them via FTP?



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                nevitt99 Level 1

                I think that's what I'm going to do. Mainly I wanted to get opinions on it before I sent it to the client.

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                  Zabeth69 Level 5

                  Opinions are good...with luck, they're affirming!



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                    nevitt99 Level 1

                    I am having trouble getting the banner to stay when I test the pages. It works on the index, but nothing else. It did at one time. I changed the name of the banner and replaced it on all the pages with the renamed pic, but it's not working now. Any idea what's wrong?

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                      Zabeth69 Level 5

                      If you're getting a "broken image" you have a bad path, or you have forgotten to upload the images to the server. If you manually applied the images, make sure you have the paths right.


                      If that is not the case, give us a link so we can go and look.



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                        nevitt99 Level 1

                        I went into the html code and placed what was in the index, where it works and copied and pasted it and the paths work. Is possible to upload a web without publishing? I am about done with one and the client wants to take a look at it before she makes it live. She has DW CS3 and I have CS4 is there a better way?

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                          Zabeth69 Level 5

                          It is irrelevant what program version has been used to write the site files.


                          To show a client a site; What I do:


                          On my own server space (where my website is), I set up a folder named for a client but not connected to my website.


                          I make a site definition that FTPs into that folder, upload the client's site.


                          From there, the client can see it "online" but not actually "launched" with the client's domain name, for instance:


                          http://www.graveimagedesign.net/[client's folder name here]/index.html


                          That way, the client can see the site in action and live on line but not made public (unless you know the URL).


                          Sometimes that is called a "sandbox site".


                          Then, when the site has been tweaked and corrected, it can be launched under the domain name on the client's server.



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                            nevitt99 Level 1

                            My client has her own sandbox site, however I am having trouble connecting to the server. I have tried all day and can't get connected. The site is defined, I have the network in my networks on my computer and I have followed step by step how to upload it through DW and all I get is the remote host couldn't be found. Any help would be great.

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                              Zabeth69 Level 5

                              Make sure you are setting up on "Remote Info" and not on "testing server", which is for server-processed pages (PHP, etc.). Testing Server should be set at "none".


                              If you have selected FTP and made all the appropriate settings, try switching (on that dialog box) to "Use passive FTP".


                              Also, you might want to double-check the Login, Password, FTP host, and Host Directory with the Hosting company. It's easy to get typos or wrong entries there. Make sure you are not typing in all Caps.



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                                nevitt99 Level 1

                                I've done all that.

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                                  Zabeth69 Level 5

                                  Try creating a completely new site definition (you know that you don't have to duplicate the site folder itself, just point a new definition at it ...this for the benefit of true-newbies...).


                                  Connection problems, in my experience (and yes, I've had them, too) typically arise from not having the settings right, or trying to post to a server that is behind a fire wall, or trying to post to your own server, or being behind a firewall yourself, and things like that, that have (essentially) nothing to do with Dreamweaver.


                                  What is the error that you are given when you don't connect?


                                  Have you tried to connect with a simple FTP program, like FTP Commander? If you can get in with another program, perhaps your DW settings file is corrupted. It's an easy fix: take a look here-- http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19105.html , although I kind of doubt that is the problem. You never know.



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                                    nevitt99 Level 1

                                    First  what could the problem be? Second of all, Windows is using a fire wall on my computer. Should I disable the firewall and see what happens? I'm going to clear out all the info that I've defined. I'll post what I can here and see if you find the mistakes.