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    PDFs from InDesign CS4 too large


      I'm trying to make a small PDF of a 20pp A4 publication (magazine) to email to my client (file/adobe PDF presets), but no matter what I do the files are huge (27MB). This never used to be an issue in earlier versions of CS??? Help Please I'm sure it's just my lack of up-to-date knowledge & there's probably some new & easier way to do things now. Does any one have any idea how to help me with this?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          You asked the same question over in the InDesign forum: PDFs from InDesign CS4 too large.


          Please don't do that ... it might make you more likely to get an answer, but it can be very annoying to people to learn that your question is answered in one place when they are looking in another, or there is helpful information as part of the thread that makes it easier to come up with an answer, only we can't see it because we don't know it is there!


          If you really must post to both forums, please say that you're doing so, and ideally include a link (like the above). But still, you are, at least in my opinion, presuming on the kindness of strangers a bit too much...