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    HTML Clipping

    nicholas.stephan Level 1
      I'm writing an email client for a project called 'Full Circle' and I've hit a wall when it comes to rendering html emails. The two basic methods that I can find are the htmlText property of the mx:Text component, and laying an HTML element over the flash movie. But neither really work. The Text component crashes when you send it anything more complex than basic text formatting, and more often than not renders even simple text formatting wrong (from Apple mail for example), and an HTML component is too limiting in it's integration with the rest of the application. As far as I can tell you can't clip an overlayed HTML component (contain it within a scrolling container for example), nor can you create any popup windows or have any elements cover any portion of it.

      Where is the middle ground? Is there a way to clip an HTML component? Is there a native Flex html renderer that actually works? What do I do here?


      Nicholas Stephan

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          theLoggerGuy Level 1
          You might be interested in a component called HTML Component for Flex 2.

          Version 3.0 costs, but version 2 is free. Might give you some insight.
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            batmitra Level 1
            have you tried to use a text area component with html tags on it?
            or try to use the rich text component with that.
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              nicholas.stephan Level 1
              I found the same thing, beautiful app. The problem is that you can't lay anything on top of it. So if I want to render something, then have a popup hover over the top, it just simply won't work as the popup (TitleWindow or Panel) is in the flash movie, which is under the iFrame rendering the html. I've emailed Drumbeat, and his response was that "the HTML component is a wild animal, you can't put it in a cage smaller than itself." Which makes sense.

              I've pretty much discarded this iFrame hack completely at this point. What I'm looking for is a 100% Flex html renderer.
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                nicholas.stephan Level 1
                That's exactly what I'm doing now, but although a Text components htmlText renders fine when you hand it simple text formatting from the RichTextEditor, it crashes or just renders wrong when you hand it something out of Outlook or Apple Mail. I'm looking for a Text component with a full featured html renderer in it, that can be given css and javascript and all of it, a lot to ask for, I know, but other people must be itching for it too... heard anything?