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    JVC GY-HD110 and PPRO and AE CS4

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Windows 7

      CS4 Premiere Pro and AE

      Nvadia 9800 GT

      6GB Ram


      Hello good friends !

      Let's hope someone is kind enough to help me with these issues

      Being an Audio recording engineer for a while and I am trying to learn some video edting .

      So far I worked with Premiere and AE CS3 and CS4 and really liked it

      I created couple music video of my own by using the JVC GY-HD110 Camera , but in SD mode only and worked pretty much with SD footage.

      Now I am done with SD videos

      Now that I have my hands on some experience , the next thing that I have to learn is "How to work with HD footage"

      My JVC GY-HD110 Camcorder shoots in SD mode as well as in HDV-HD24P with Frame Rates of   60/30   , 50/25   and 24P

      And I aslo can set the HD PB output to

      1.  Native

      2. 720P

      3.  1080I

      4.  480P

      5.  NTSC

      6.  576P

      7.  PAL


      On page 64 and 65 of the manual




      Everytime that I shoot my videos, they are only 5 mins long , just a typical music video

      And i did try to read whatever they had on Wikipedia for the questions that I had, but honestly didn't understand much and I got more confused


      My questions are :

      What do you recommend from your experiences as far using what settings to choose to get a good result for a 5 mins music video


      And what are these Presets for , when trying to create a new project in CS4

      HDV 1080i25 (50i)

      HDV 1080i 30 (60i)

      HDV 1080 p24

      and ect....


      For example my Camera shoots 24p with frame rate of  60/30     or   50/25    or 24p

      How can I tell which One I suppose to use .


      like I said my Project is nothing more than 5 mins music videos and NTSC. based station .



      Thank You in Advanced !