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    Linked Graphics in Word

      I'm using X5.0.1 and Word 2003 SP2. My Word document has linked graphics (not saved in document). If I save the graphics in the document, help won't generate (file too large?). If I link the graphics, they disappear after compilation. Right now I'm generating JavaHelp, but this happens with other outputs too. I've also tried the Convert To Help Images checkbox, but RoboHelp rapes the pictures upon extraction. Anyone else had this problem?
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          Roger N Level 2
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          Not sure about your assessment of the situation (the metaphor was a bit extreme), but I can tell you that images and links must be created using the Robohelp tools, not Word methods. Images should be inserted using the {bmc imagename.bmp} or similar syntax, and links using the Link icon. The syntax varies depending on the type of link.

          If you are indeed using the RH tools, please post the actual link text, and we can pursue it further....
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            HKabaker Level 2

            In some situations, graphics with .bmp or .png extensions don't behave as they should. I'm not sure about printed output, but I always use .gif or .jpeg formats.

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              Roger N Level 2
              When using RH for Word, images are inserted as bitmaps or .wmf's using the Insert Image tool; your output images will be generated as .gifs or .jpegs, depending on the checkbox you choose when generating.