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    External Link - How to give link from a sub-project topic to a master project topic

    usureka Level 1
      Hi all,

      I've created a master project and two sub-projects and merged both these sub-projects into the Master One.

      I went through all the external link topics covered in this forum.

      Through this i was able to give link from a master project topic to a sub-project topic.

      However, i need your help to achieve the following two things:

      First one:
      I need to give to give a link from a sub-project topic to a master-project topic....

      For eg. Introduction topic is found in the Master Project

      when i click a button in a topic found in the Sub-project (merged into the masterone), i should be able to view the Introduction topic.

      How can this be achieved....

      Second one:
      I've manually included a home button in each header and footer of all the topics (as per requirement), which opens the Welcome topic present in the master project) - pretty easier

      However, i'm struggling to give link to the home button present in the merged sub-project to open the Welcome topic of the Master project.

      Pls guide me how to achieve this....

      Thankx in advance....