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    batmitra Level 1
      I need help
      Does anyone knows how to implement authentication with flex and asp.net using httpservices?
      I know how to implement authentication on asp.net side but i wouldn't like to have to pass the user credencials in each request and i'd like to get user roles too.

      Or if someone can point me a working example with fluorine i would appreciate that.

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          levancho Level 3
          since each instance of your application represents a seperate client (user) its lot more simpler and elegant to manage user authentication, once user is successsfully authenticated with httpService (for exzample)
          you should track that information, within flex application,(not the password part :) ) . just is authenticated part and optionally username an d roles array.., (you do have to request a r-eauthetication again until browser refreshes or if you have some timeout set ) no need for cookies, you have everything you need.