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    auto hyperlink for images




      I've looked for answers in this forum but couldn't find one.


      I'd like to know if it's at all possible for me to set up Dreamweaver CS3 to *automatically* add a hyperlnk to images I insert on a page.


      For instance. I insert the image "flower" located at plants/flower.jpg. That's what it shows in the Src window.


      I'd like to know if it's possible to create a shortcut/command so that each time I insert an image -- **any image** -- the Link window underneath the Src window will match that same link.




      Src: plants/flower.jpg          will automatically be directed to          Link: plants/flower.jpg

      Src: animals/elephant.jpg   will automatically be directed to          Link: animals/elephant.jpg


      As it stands, each time I add an image I have to highlight the link in the Src window, copy it, and paste it to the Link window.


      It's very time-consuming, especially considering that double-clicking on the Src window doesn't work. I actually have to move the cursor from beginning to end of the url. (For whatever reason, Dreamweaver's double-clicks don't work on hyphenated urls such as the ones I use.)


      Using that "stretching" cord to match the url would also be a drag, as I have literally thousands of images stored. Same if I have to click on the folder option so as to find the image's url that way.


      I'd like to know if that process can be automated.


      Any assistance would be much appreicated.