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    [CS4][JS] Does the place command not like images/graphic frames?

    HPS Rich



      I'm importing an indesign snippet to a page, and it contains 1 image and 2 text frames.  When i use Javascript to place the snippet, it works, but the array of placed items is incorrect.  The length as the below script demostrates returns 3 which is correct.  However if i loop around the array they are all of type Story of which the last element of the array is the same as the previous, and i'm missing my image.


      Now as an experiment I created a snipped with just 1 image in it.  The script below was run, it returned 1 item placed, but the alert on the item returned "undefined".  I've tried alerting on placeditem also and that jsut returns empty alert.  Does the place command not like images/graphic frames?



      var placeditem = document.pages.item(0).place(File("/C/3.idms"),[x,y], undefined, false, true);



      many thanks