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    Premiere Elements 8 crashes when I try to add transitions

    Pillus 666

      Hi, I'm new here and my first language is German so I don't know if I do everything right...




      I have a very annoying  problem with Premiere Elements 8: Even after the 8:01 patch Pre  crashes every time I add a transition (Pre crashes when I click  on transitions). I can take a short look  at the various transitions, then pre closes and the crash report window appears ...




      2010-04-08 17h25_32.png


      2010-04-08 17h25_33.png


      Windows 7 Professional 64bit
      Intel Core  i7 920 @ 2.67 Ghz
      6Gb of RAM
      Radeon HD 4850 with  latest drivers (10.3)

      I have also tried  reinstalling ... without success. Background rendering and  automatic analysis are off.

      Pillus 666