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    LDAP integration not working




         I am trying to integrate OpenDS LDAP server with LiveCycle but strugling to get it work correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

         Here is a brief of what I have done so far,

         I have installed a OpenSource LDAP , OpenDS. Created groups and users on it along with the base DN.

         After that I created a new Enterprise Domain under Domain Management through admin console. When I am adding New Directory Server at the Step 2

         I provide my Directory server details, when I test the settings it works fine. Then I select Populate Page with Default eDirectory Values, is it correct?

         Then next on User Settings page my Unique Identifier field is populated with "guid" & search filder is set to (&(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)).

         When I test these settings it does not return any result, when I test this filter using Directory server interface it workd fine.




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          Amit Pugalia Level 1

          The dropdown "Populate Page with" shows only those LDAP that have been certified as working with LiveCycle.

          eDirectory is one of them from Novell.

          So, it's not same as OpenDS, and neither are it's Unique identifier and other attribtues on User and Group settings page.

          Yes you can use OpenDS, but for that you will have to leave the "Populate Page with" dropdown as blank.

          When you reach Users/Groups settings page, you'll have to manually insert the attributes in compliance with OpenDS LDAP.

          The "Test" button on the Top-Right corner of Users/Groups page is quite useful to check whether the configuration you specified are correct or not.

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            $$VIKS$$ Level 1

            Thanks Amit.

            I managed to connect using setting the populate page setting to None.




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              $$VIKS$$ Level 1



                I managed to get the LDAP connection working and can search my enterprise domain using User & Groups management console.

                But when I try to login in using any of the LDAP user credentials it is giving error.




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                Amit Pugalia Level 1

                I suppose you forgot to add Authentication Provider in the domain alognside the Directory Provider.

                Besides also check whether the said User is having "Administration Console User" role or not.

                This role can be assigned via Home->Settings->User Management->Role Management and is responsible for logging you into Admin Console.

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                  $$VIKS$$ Level 1

                  Yep, added Authentication Provider and it worked fine.

                  I was trying to login to Workplace using a LiveCycle Workpalce User.

                  Thanks a lot for quick response.