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    Getting response -1  error while connecting to SMTP(EMail) server.(Urgent)

    PraveenKumar D Level 1

      Sub  ::  Getting error while  invoking EMail  activity.


      Hi  ,


      From last 2 months my application  was working  fine and able to send mails.After moving into diffrent segment(Genarating new  IP address),suddenly my application is not able to send mails.. Here my  server IP address has been changed. From new IP address I am able to do telnet to the SMTP server on 25 port. That means SMTP connection is opened for My server. For your information  I did not do any changes in my applcation regarding SMTP details and i have same settings at adminui that were before movement segment.


      The error  ::


      com.adobe.idp.dsc.email.ConnectionFailedException: Failed to connect to email server: Reason: Could not connect to SMTP host: XX.X.X.X port: 25, response: -1
      at com.adobe.idp.dsc.email.EmailServiceImpl.sendMessage(EmailServiceImpl.java:473)




      Please do help in fixing this issue.  This issue  need to be fixed very urgnetly.