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    Upgrade of CS3-CS5 from old Macs to new Macs...


      Hi there,


      We currently have four Macs all running CS3.


      We are looking to buy two new machines to replace two of these (for the faster operators).


      I want to hold on a bit for CS5 to be released and then upgrade.


      How do i go about the changeover?


      Do i deactivate CS3 on both old machines (these machines will be put in to storage and no longer used), install it on the two new macs and then buy an upgrade package for CS5 for both machines?


      I was just unsure about the changeover to new machines and licensing issues!


      Can anybody shed any light on this?


      Or is the above a completely long-winded way to go about the upgrade?


      Or, am i going to have to buy two brand new copies of CS5 outright?


      I'm sorry to be so long-winded!


      Best regards,


      Graham Robins