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    Rendering Artwork


      Creating pie charts, using filters for depth. Illustrator takes at least 5 minutes to render each time a change is made. Is this a RAM issue?


      thanks in advance

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          Junk Mailer Level 3

          I would point to RAM first, but it could be any combination of 

          insufficient RAM, disk space or processing power.



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            JETalmage-71mYin Level 3

            Maybe. But you don't give any specs on your machine, version of Illustrator, amount of scratch disk space, or even platform, so how can anyone say?


            Illustrator is a generally very sluggish program, even on well-endowed new machines. It is particularly sluggish at rendering raster effects and excruciatingly slow when features like 3D Effect are indiscriminately over-used. (Sounds like your situation may be hinting at 3D Effect.) At least up to CS3, Illustrator cannot address more than 2GB of RAM anyway, so throwing money at your machine may prove fruitless. And there is no simple provision for clearing its undo cache.



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              MadAl_1009 Level 1

              Sorry here's the system info, iMac 2.8GHz, 2 GB ram, 366/465 free. Illustrator CS3 - v13.0.2

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                Junk Mailer Level 3

                I would recommend more RAM. Yes, Illustrator cannot address more than 

                2GB, but you have to consider the other processes going on that also 

                tax that amount. I would say a minimum of 4GB would serve you well on 

                that machine.


                Check your activity monitor  (in utilities) under a usual number of 

                open apps and see what your RAM usage looks like. At 2GB, I'll bet 

                you are maxing it out and using drive space to compensate.



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                  MadAl_1009 Level 1

                  Checked my activity monitor, have 885.36MB free. Tried quitting everything, and left the app to process the request for 2 hours.


                  Makes me think Illustrator just can't process the functions included in the program.

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                    Shouldn't really be a problem, could be a cache or plug in difference.

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                      I've got a 2008 Mac Pro (2.6 Q) with 32gb of ram, I render 3d in seconds in other programs, illustrator is chewing on a simple render for way too long, I would never throw anything complicated at it, it would take an eternity! Forget about 3d render in Illustrator, it needs some serious improvement. I recommend 3d cool or any of the ulead 3d software for simple 3d rendering, or cinema 4d, but then good luck learning it I love Illustrator, but the 3d effect "ad on" was a serious marketing mistake!

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                        Junk Mailer Level 3

                        Under Snow Leopard, AICS5 can only utilize about 2GB RAM. It is limited because unlike Photoshop, it is only a 32-bit app.